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Ahead Solutions
2012 Range

Menthogen to stop scalp itch
Stop Scalp Itch

Airhead to cool helmet heads down
Cool Scalp - Stop Itch

Vital ID products
Carry your Vital ID

Helmet wearers hair care
Helmet Itch Treatment

Helmet deoderiser
Helmet Deodoriser

Flash Kinetics Hi Vis
Hi Vis for Riders

Helmet wearer's hair care
Helmet Wearers Nutrition

Vital ID helmet ID for riders
Vital ID on your Lid!

Airhead Scalp Coolant

Product launching: May 2012

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Menthogen comes with a money back guarantee


Menthogen is what many riders have been waiting for [...]
...a simple solution that helps maximise the enjoyment of their ride."
Alan Kavanagh,
Racing Magazine

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The Ahead Solutions Affiliate Scheme

Do you want to earn excellent revenues without any outlay? Do you have a website, facebook page, blog or other community that in some way serves people who need to wear protective safety helmets?

Earn Revenue With No Strings Attached - Guaranteed

There is no contract to sign, no upfront fee/s, no stock to buy, no hidden small-print, no charges and no catches. This is just a simple scheme that works very well for our affiliates - we like to keep it that way.

How the scheme works

We create two custom pages on our Ahead Solutions website – each with our new affiliate’s customised header graphic / logo; One is a page containing Ahead Solutions’ products. The other is a success page that users only land on after they’ve made a purchase.

A link (or links) from your site (banners, links, etc. – choose from our selection) takes visitors to your custom page; Example of custom pages: Mountain Biking Resources | CBT Test Training Information | Bikes and Travels

Affiliates may create as many links on their site as they desire – indeed, the more they create the higher their commissions are likely to be. Here's an example of how affiliate Her-Motorcycle has done it:


Her-Motorcycle Case Study - Mike Corbin
Her Motorcycle is a community forum website. Thousands of female 'members' contributing about motorcycling for women. On their Helmet Hair page you will find a link to an article about Helmet Hair Solutions. You will also notice that they've added a link to their affiliate page at the top of the site on all pages - title Menthogen.

The visitor makes a purchase/s using PayPal.

The PayPal Buy Now buttons on affiliates’ pages are unique to the affiliate. They control what happens after the sale.

So after payment is made tThe customer is taken back to your ‘customised success landing page’.
Emails are sent automatically to our affiliate and to us to confirm a purchase has been made and what has been purchased. Commission is paid to our affiliate immediately (PayPal) and we (Ahead Solutions UK Ltd.) fulfil and dispatch the order. Affiliates do not need to do anything further.

Your ‘customised success landing page’ contains a prominent link back to affiliates site. Like this one at Mountain Biking

Increase your income by including our products on your website.

We can provide you with images and banners to use on your site. Link them to your special affiliate page on our website and earn revenue for every sale made - on every product included.

Example affiliate pages

Here is a small selection of the scores of affiliates all earning revenue through Ahead Solutions UK Ltd.

Bikes and Travels Her Motorcycle Helmet Hair Solutions
CBT Training Info UK Preowned Cycles    

Appy now

Let us know you are interested - you could be earning money in less than 48 hours without any outlay!



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