Hairsense is The UK's Strongest Anti Hair Loss System

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Hairsense Topical Anti Hair Loss Lotion
The most powerful multifaceted anti hair loss lotion available. Formulated and perfected in the United Kingdom by a team of registered trichologists with almost 50 years of experience in treating hair loss. Hairsense Anti Hair Loss Topical Microspray
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Hairsense Scalp Prescription Shampoo
Trichological formulation, ultra mild by nature. It effectively removes dirt from the hair shaft leaving the natural oils within the cuticular layer and does not displace the lipid protection barrier from the scalp. Hairsense Anti Hairloss Shampoo
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Hairsense Micronutrients - For hair growth
Maximum strength formulation; Hairsense Micronutrients vegetabs containing hair growth essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for healthy hair growth. Plus herbal mood enhancers for general well being. Hairsense Micronutrients
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Hairsense DHT Inhibitor -
For men
Hairsense DHT Inhibitor supplement is our oral, Saw Palmetto based DHT inhibiting formula. Our own formulation delivering the RDA of DHT Saw Palmetto along with some other herbal goodies. Hairsense DHT Inhibitor
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The UK's Strongest Anti Hair Loss System

Our Hairsense Anti hair loss shampoo is underpinned by our Ironclad promise
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Our products contain only 100% pure pharmaceutical grade ingredients and are constantly tested to ensure quality. Each ingredient has been approved as 100% safe. Our products are manufactured in the UK under stringent GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

Clinical tests for consistent quality

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