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Neutramist Helmet Sanitizer



Vital ID for riders

Vital ID Products


Airhead Cool Spray

Airhead Cool Spray


Neutramist Helmet Sanitizer



Menthogen to stop scalp itch


MovoBright 360°Hi Viz Reflective

MovoBright Hi Viz Safety Device

Weighing around 22 grams (less than an energy bar), MovoBright makes you more visible to more drivers than ever.

MovoBright™ is an ULTRA HI Viz, soft, flexible rod - visible from all around (up to 300°). MovoBright reflects intensely, it’s silent & yet completely unnoticeable to the wearer and there are no batteries to worry about!

MovoBright™ is for all road users. It can be seen from up to 200m away from the front, back & sides*. its laser-like appearance moves and sways - reflecting an intense 'moving' light as you go.

MovoBright™ is easily clipped to rucksacks, bikes, riders, pedestrians and children to add superb upper body visibility.

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VITAL ID SPORT is a Bracelet that stores all your vital ID - See images & video below

vital id
Left showing the wristband and right showing it under light during day!


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Sport ID provides vital and lifesaving information first on site in the event of an accident. The bracelet is an effective method to carry your lifesaving ID information.

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HELMET ID & WALLET is a helmet and wallet card system for storing all your vital ID.

Vital ID Helmet ID

Vital Rider ID

Helmet ID system for riders

Carry your ID on your helmet for emergency services to locate easily in the event of accident. Hi Vis and completely waterproof, this is an invaluable must have for any cyclist or motorcyclist.

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Airhead Helmet Cool Spray

Scalp coolant

AIRHEAD HELMET COOL SPRAY  keeps your head / scalp cool and itch-free whilst wearing any type of protective headgear. Apply it direct to scalp before activity to enjoy the lasting cooling sensation. May be used at 'Pit Stops' to re-cool and refersh when required.

Handy 30 ml pocket sized bottle means you can travel light and take Airhead on every journey.


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Menthogen Anti-Itch Spray for Helmet Wearers

Menthogen Stop Helmet Itch

MENTHOGEN is used by helmet wearers all over the world. It is an effective clinical remedy to itch and irritation and gets to work from the very first spray. It also cools and soothes the scalp for a more comfortable ride. Just what you need to help maximise your concentration by removing the distraction of helmet associated itchiness.

1 x 30ml Menthogen £14.99 (approx. 2 mth supply).
Available for shipping worldwide.

Handy 30 ml pocket sized bottle means you can travel light & take Menthogen on every journey.


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Neutramist - Combat Helmet Odour

Stop Helmet Odour with Neutramist

Neutramist is a fast drying, anti-bacterial helmet sanitiser with anti-irritant properties so it doesn't cause itchiness like some other well known products can.

Tick Mark SANITIZES completely - mist spray contacts all your helmet lining
Tick Mark ANTI-BACTERIAL: kills the bacteria that causes odour build-up
Tick Mark RESTORES helmets and headgear to a pleasant neutral freshness - not overpowering

Tick Mark ANTI-ITCH formula stops scalp itch and head irritation
Tick Mark FAST DRYING: Dries FAST so you can CLEAN 'n' GO

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Hairsense Hair & Scalp Nutrition for Helmet Wearers

Helmets can inevitably erode the health of your hair and scalp. Healthy hair needs good nutrition. Our diets often fall below standard. When this happens the body needs to cut down on how it sustains itself biologically.

A must for helmet hair

Hair growth is one of the first victims of poor diet or dietary deficiencies; hair is not essential to the body, which can function quite normally without it. Hair becomes finer, hair loss increases and the scalp can begin to show through.

Our maximum strength Hairsense Micronutrients vegetabs contain all of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for healthy hair growth. It also contains a blend of herbal extracts, Kelp, Siberian Ginseng, Alfalfa, Feverfew, Laspacho Extract and Hesperidi; 'mood enhancers' which gently and naturally help to promote general well being. Suitable for vegetarians Suitable for vegetarians.

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Moneyback Guarantee

All our products come with a no fuss moneyback guarantee. We are confident that you will love the benefits of each product; they're premium grade and used across the world. If for any reason you do not you can be confident of our ironclad moneyback guarantee scheme.

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Why are helmets itchy

Your crash helmet is a bacterial breeding ground - perhaps that's not news. But what might be is that it IS the cause of your scalp itchiness.

With each wear, millions of bacteria - those feeding on the enzymes in the sweat absorbed by your helmet's lining - are repeatedly pressed tightly in direct contact with your scalp. The warmth and humidity inside your helmet are ideal conditions for bacteria which become more active, increasing the irritation to your skin.

Scratching with your fingernails (or any other object) causes microscopic lesions in the skin on the surface of your scalp, into which the bacteria move increasing itchiness & irritation.

Additionally, whilst your headgear should be tight for maximum safety & protection, tightly worn headgear may also be increasing your hair-fall rate due to the frequent compression, rubbing and tugging of your hair, by your helmet's lining; this is called traction alopecia.

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Testimonials for Ahead Solutions Products

Below is just some of the product feedback we have received via email and in writing. Please keep it coming and drop by again soon as we intend to add forum style functionality to this part of the web site.

"Airhead Helmet Cool Spray works like a charm….but you already knew that didn’t you? "
Danny B - Texas US

"If you have discovered but not yet tried this product, don't wait any longer. It's brilliant. Scalp feels wonderful within two minutes of application."
L. Anthony - Cyclist from Manchester

"Thanks for my Vital ID Helmet ID. It gives me the confidence that wherever I go I have my emergency contact details in an easy to find place."
Peter Longton - from Doncaster.

My accolades for Menthogen are many. Its refreshing qualities are unique and difficult to describe.. My scalp also feels great - had no dandruff in months and my hair noticeably thicker.
E. Davies - Biker, Ribchester

"I'm work for the Metropolitan Police. Wearing a hat all day causes hair sore due to it being pressed in one position for most of the day. I love applying Menthogen when I've finished my shift. Thank you."
S. Cadwell - Exeter

"[...] Less hair falling out in my helmet since I started using Hairsense. "
Karen Heggarty, Milton Keynes

"I'm using Menthogen following a visit to one of the Hair & Scalp Clinics. I have to admit its the favorite part of my treatment regime and is keeping both my hair & scalp in nice condition."
K. Donnington

"I've been a head scratching biker in the past. These days I do a lot of fitness training (aerobic) so I'm certain that sweat is the cause of itching. I have used Menthogen since before it was marketed by Ahead Solutions. It is a truly amazing product with excellent properties. My partner who has very l-o-n-g hair uses Menthogen to alleviate itchiness if she has not been able to wash her here for a number of days."
Lee Cunningham, Accrington

"Thanks for addressing and resolving the issue quickly.  Good customer service is very hard to find in this day and age. Thank you."
S.D., Memphis

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MovoBright Hi Viz Safety all around

Airhead Cool Spray
Airhead Helmet Cool Spray

Airhead Cool Spray
Anti Itch for Helmet Wearers

Neutramist Helmet Sanitizer
Neutramist Helmet Sanitizer

Vital ID Products

Menthogen Starter Set
Helmet Wearers' Nutrition

Menthogen Starter Set
Vital ID for Helmet

Menthogen - Stop Scalp Itch


Menthogen team have been studying the scalp for 50 years
When the sweat that's been absorbed into your helmet's lining is placed back in contact with your scalp...
The itching starts. Menthogen stops it fast.

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