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Stop itch from work helmets

When helmets or headgear are not worn by choice, there's a good reason. The fabric lining absorbs sweat and millions of bacteria 'move in'. These are placed in direct contact with your skin again with each wear, exacerbating irritibility and itchiness.

Scratching with your fingernails (or other object) can cause microscopic lesions in the surface of the skin, into which the bacteria move increasing itchiness & irritation!

Your headgear should be tight for maximum safety & protection. But tightly worn headgear may also increase hair-fall rate due to frequent compression, rubbing and tugging of your hair, by your helmet's lining.

Stops scalp itch in 3 ways

Menthogen works very fast (read the science here) and in three distinct ways. Menthogen: -

  1. Instantly stops scalp itch & irritation
  2. Optimises & maximises scalp hygiene
  3. Combats traction alopecia caused by tightly fitted headgear

You do not need to suffer any longer - now you can be itch free and comfortable EVERY TIME you wear your helmet . Menthogen provides a cooling, soothing and revitalizing pre or post-wear scalp sensation, comparable with that invigorating, refreshing 'cool shower' feeling on a hot Summer's day.

Menthogen relieves itchiness?

Menthogen is a unique, clinically tested and proven formulation of effective moisturisers, anti-irritants and antibacterial agents which rapidly impart their soothing and regenerative properties to the scalp, clearing any trace of irritation. Regular use of Menthogen harmonises the scalp and optimises the conditions for complete scalp health and hygiene.

Menthogen contains key ingredients to combat traction alopecia; premature loss of hair exacerbated by tightly fitted headwear. Firstly a vaso-dilator increases capillary blood flow to the scalp and its hair bulbs, increasing nutritional take up. Secondly two ingredients act to prolong the growing stage of hair whilst counteracting the growth inhibitory effect of testosterone.

Menthogen's head healthy properties stimulates blood capillaries in the scalp helping to reduce hair loss and to actively encourage new hair growth.

The handy 30 ml pocket sized bottle also means you can travel light and take Menthogen wherever you work.

Stop helmet itchiness or your Moneyback

Menthogen comes with a no fuss moneyback guarantee. We are confident that you will love the benefits of Menthogen. If for any reason you do not you can be confident of our ironclad moneyback guarantee scheme.

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Menthogen for work headgear

Menthogen team have been studying the scalp for 50 years
Hot work equate to of sweat absorbed into your helmet

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